Integral Gas Key BCG


  • Bolt  Material: AISI 9310
  • Carrier Material: AISI 8620 forging, HR 15N 89.5 – 91.0
  • Coating – Proprietary
  • Weight – Complete 11.36 oz
  • Weight – Carrier only 9.28 oz
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Experience unparalleled performance with Icon Defense’s Integral Gas Key Bolt Carrier Group. Designed to optimize performance with 300 Blackout and subsonic ammunition, this 5.56 compatible BCG sets the standard in the rifle accessories market. Its patented bolt operation delivers 20% greater efficiency, ensuring reliable performance with every shot.

Crafted from AISI 9310 steel for the bolt and AISI 8620 forging for the carrier, this BCG offers exceptional durability and strength, making it suitable for the toughest shooting conditions. The integral gas key design eliminates gas leaks, staking requirements, and the risk of key shearing off.

Featuring an enhanced cam track for smooth bolt movement, the Icon Defense BCG enhances overall performance and reliability. The enlarged gas chamber and extended bolt stroke optimize gas utilization, resulting in improved operation and consistent performance.

Icon Defense’s Bolt Carrier Group undergoes rigorous 100% MPI testing to ensure integrity and quality. Additionally, its proprietary coating provides an extra layer of protection and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in extreme shooting conditions.

Upgrade your rifle with Icon Defense’s Integral Gas Key BCG, optimized to deliver exceptional performance with 300 Blackout and subsonic ammunition. Experience the ultimate in reliability, durability, and top-notch performance for an unmatched shooting experience.

COMING SOON – Replacement Bolt and Gas Rings *This carrier is not compatible with mil-spec bolts.*


  • Integral Gas Key: The Icon Defense Integral Gas Key Bolt Carrier Group features an integral gas key design, ensuring a secure and reliable connection without the risk of gas leaks, the need for additional staking, or key shearing off.
  • Patented Bolt Operation: With its patented bolt operation mechanism, the Icon Defense BCG achieves 20% greater efficiency compared to standard BCGs. It delivers exceptional performance even when used with suppressors and reduced gas systems.
  • Increased Gas Chamber and Extended Bolt Stroke: The Icon Defense BCG incorporates an enlarged gas chamber and extended bolt stroke, optimizing gas utilization for improved operation, reliability, and consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Cam Track: The Icon Defense Bolt Carrier Group is equipped with an enhanced cam track, reducing friction, and ensuring smooth bolt movement. This refined design enhances overall performance, reliability, and cycling, providing a superior shooting experience.
  • 100% MPI Tested Bolt Material: The bolt material used in the Icon Defense BCG undergoes rigorous 100% MPI testing, ensuring the highest standards of integrity, quality, reliability, and durability.
  • Optimized for 300 Blackout & Subsonic Ammo: The Icon Defense Bolt Carrier Group is specifically optimized for subsonic ammunition, delivering exceptional performance and reliability with 300BO & subsonic rounds.
  • Bolt Repair and Replacement: Icon Defense provides proprietary bolt parts designed for their carrier body, ensuring easy accessibility for repair or replacement when needed.

2 reviews for Integral Gas Key BCG

  1. Wes – Curated Arms

    I have not shot this BCG yet, but will for sure. I got to get an education on it and inspect and handle it at Shot Show 2023. I have never held or seen a BCG of this quality and smoothness of operation. I can’t want to get them running in my rifles!

  2. Zack

    This is simply the most well-crafted BCG I have ever used or seen. I have been running the SHIP out of this thing. ZERO issues and everything just wipes off when you are done shooting. I can’t wait to see more of what Icon comes out with.

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