Tru-Core Muzzle Brake (for .223/556)


  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Threads: ½-28
  • Coating:
    • Inner Core – PVD
    • Shell – Nitride
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall Length – 2.36”
    • Shell OD – .980”
    • Inner Core OD -.750”
  • Weight: 4.1 oz
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  • Tru-Core Brake fully assembled
  • Spare 10-32×1/8 knurled set screw
  • Shim Set
    • Qty 1) 2.00mm – (.078 in)
    • Qty 2) 0.34mm – (.013 in)
    • Qty 3) 0.22mm – (.008 in)
    • Qty 3) 0.11mm – (.004 in)
    • Qty 4) 0.075mm – (.003 in)

Tools needed for installation

  • 5/8 Wrench – Inner Core
  • 7/8 Wrench – Shell
  • 5/64 Allen Wrench – 10-32 knurled set screw

Installation notes

  • Torque Spec: 15-25 ft lbs
  • Rocksett recommended for Inner Core to Barrel Threads
  • Rocksett recommended for 10-32 screw (ONCE UPPER IS FULLY ASSEMBLED)
  • NO Rocksett or thread locker recommended for Shell to Inner Core thread interface.
  • Soak Device for 24 hrs to remove Rocksett


  • Extreme bullet turbulence mitigation
  • Stops muzzle rise and felt recoil
  • Inner core can be pinned with recess provided for welding
  • 11 degree target crown

The Tru-Core Muzzle Brake for .223/556 has 2 defining features for your rifle setup. 1st being incredible compensation and muzzle rise mitigation. This is achieved in a few ways. 2 rear primary compensation ports tuned to eliminate muzzle rise. Combined with our 2-piece design this brake has 360-degree ports on the inner core that move gas and air in a way other muzzle devices cannot. The Tru-Core design has tapered cross ports that act as a venturi and scavenge gas from the 2nd and 3rd chambers which results in virtually no gas following the bullet on exit. The 2nd innovative feature for the Tru-Core Muzzle Brake is a -.750 inner core OD which provides the ability to leave the inner core installed for maintenance and removal of the gas block on those 16” overall builds. Included on the Inner Core resides a predrilled hole with a recess for those looking to pin and weld this brake to the barrel.


*Before installing make sure your firearm is unloaded and in safe work hold*

  1. For Tru-Core installation use your provided shim set to find the perfect timing and fit.
  2. With the included shims find any combination that will show your Inner Core about 15-20 degrees from perfect alignment.
  3. It is then recommended to remove the Inner Core and apply a small amount of Rocksett to the threads and reinstall to the barrel.
  4. BONUS STEP: to perfectly align the barrel/shims/Inner Core together slide a gas block over everything as you finger tighten it all into place.
  5. Torque Core to 15-25 ft lbs. as needed to get perfectly aligned. (It is okay to change shims after this point if needed.)
  6. Thread on Shell to Inner Core until the timing hole appears in line with timing notch on the Inner Core. You should also see the primary ports on the top of the brake even on the brake.
  7. Is it recommended to add Rocksett to the Knurled 10-32 set screw and torque to 8-10 in lbs. once set.

Additional information


Black Shell/Black Core, Black Shell/Copper PVD Core

1 review for Tru-Core Muzzle Brake (for .223/556)

  1. Eric Byland (verified owner)

    As expected (considering the guys that started this company) the machining and finish were above average and beautiful. Everything went together easily. It was the finishing touch on my duty DMR. It’s loud as most brakes are. Mitigates what little muzzle rise and recoil the 5.56 weapon system has- during slow fire and also rapid fire scenarios. I also ran the base through multiple .750 gas blocks that tend to be extra tight just for fun (BCM, Geissele, FCD, etc)- and it passed through them all just fine. Overall very satisfied and definitely worth the money in my opinion. Buy with confidence.

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